Urgent Opening For Nodejs Developer

 Designing innovative modules that solve critical business
problems efficiently and elegantly.
 #Developing#unit testing, and delivering #high-quality
cloud-native solutions.
 Automating almost everything you touch if it can be #scripted,
it probably should be.
 Owning your solutions. You are empowered to make
independent decisions and will own the consequences
good and bad.
 Contributing to the overall architecture we’re all on a
journey together, and you will be empowered to bring
new technologies and ideas to the table.
 Being agile in the way you think and work – be quick to
adopt something if it makes sense, or discard it if it
 Working collaboratively with other teams, across #geographies,
to effectively deliver best-in-class solutions.

Functional/Technical Skills:
 Extensive knowledge in working with #Typescript
and/or #JavaScript.
 Experience with third-party packages such as #Express Js,
#JWT#Passport#Socket IO, #Underscore JS, #Webpack, etc.
 Be meticulous with your software development
approach, delivering clean, well-designed, and well-tested
 Understand and appreciate the value of automated testing
and #Test-Driven Development (TDD).
 Use #CI/CD best practices for testing and deploying changes
to production.
 Have a good understanding of Docker and container
orchestration technologies.
 Be comfortable with Kubernetes and the Kubernetes ecosystem.
 Know how to use technologies like Ansible or #AWS
Cloud Formation to bend infrastructure to your will.
 Be a good team player – know when to work independently,
and when you need the team.
 A good communicator – you can articulate ideas in a written
or verbal form clearly and succinctly.

Knowledge and Education:
 At least 4 years of development experience with
#Node.js – #Typescript and/or #JavaScript.
 Object-oriented development experience, Knowledge of
#design patterns, and #familiarity with #databases –SQL
and #NoSQL.
 Familiar with source control management systems
(git), Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
 Good understanding of dev-ops practices, and infrastructure
as code.
 Knowledge of Ansible or #AWS CloudFormation is a plus.

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