New visa rules UAE: Benefits and more

What are the new employment visa rules in UAE 2022? What is the New UAE Labour Law 2022? Dubai or we say UAE is one of the dream destinations for work and travel as well. With the up-gradation in the digital world and the vocational courses, the UAE’s Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has sanctioned new regulations of the Federal Decree-Law, which includes Entry and Residence of Foreigners and their family. This law contains ten visa opportunities to attract and retain global talents in the state.

The key motive behind these new employment visa rules in UAE 2022 and the new UAE labor law 2022 is to retain talents and skilled workers from the entire globe, promoting the competitiveness of the job market in the UAE.

What is a Golden Visa in UAE? What are the benefits of a Golden Visa?

Golden Visa in UAE is a 10-year-long term granted to investors, exceptional talents, scientists and professionals, graduates, and frontline heroes. 

The Golden Visa in UAE allows visa holders to sponsor visas to their family members regardless of age. This visa holder also has a right to sponsor access to domestic laborers without limiting them to any number. 

This visa not only allows benefits to the original visa holder but at the time of their death, their family members are allowed to stay in the UAE.

What is a 5-year Green Visa in UAE? What are the benefits of a 5-year Green Visa?

5-year Green Visa in UAE is more of a professional visa given to people traveling to Dubai for work. These visas are only offered to professionals, entrepreneurs, or investors traveling to UAE to expand their business or work in an MNC. One perk of a 5-year Green Visa in the UAE is that it provides a more extended grace period of up to six months after the expiration or cancellation of the resident permit. The significant benefit of a 5-year Green Visa is that skilled employees without a recommendation from the employer can get a 5-year residency visa provided they have a formal employment contract. The visa guidelines also permit freelancers and self-employed professionals with no previous valid employment contract to get a 5-year Green Visa in UAE, provided they have to obtain a freelance permit.

What is Entry Visa in UAE? What are the benefits of an Entry Visa in the UAE? 

This Visa is available for all visitors traveling to Dubai and the UAE for any reason. This Visa does not require any prior permits. One can apply for this Visa for any purpose they are traveling for, whether for tourism, business, or temporary business. 

What are the top 5 jobs in demand in UAE for Indians?

One of the most demanding career-oriented jobs that Indians primarily prefer is Personal and Professional Coaches who help investors and other working professionals to develop their strengths and help them tackle their weaknesses. 

Digital Content Freelancers is also a great option as social media has become an essential part of peoples’ life. With the increase in Youtube Channels, Bloggers, and content creators, there is a huge demand for Digital Content Freelancers. 

Marketing and Social Media Specialists is one of the job roles which recently got great hipe. With the increase in competition in marketing, brands have started moving towards organic brand value generation ending in an increase in job openings for SEO Specialists and Social Media Specialists. 

The Healthcare sector had a great boom after Covid. Healthcare Support Staff is evergreen and plays a significant role in day-to-day life. Clinics Managers and healthcare assistants are among the jobs UAE offers right now.

With the advancement in the digital world, E-commerce websites are booming. In today’s world, we tend to buy everything off the internet, and due to this reason, shopping websites are rapidly increasing day by day.

Dubai has created a critical need for E-commerce Specialists offering a great package at a great price. So, if you have an experience in E-commerce, Dubai has a job for you.

Wrapping Up

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