Sr. Graphic Designer

Being an important member of the Core Graphic Team, creating Innovative Ideas and Designs and discussing them in order to make it into something that could scale and accommodate the implementation of new features and functionality in the coming years.

The role involves leading a team of graphic designer to create and manage our Project needs.

The senior graphic designer’s responsibilities include managing all graphic design tasks, refining projects and drafts, and generating creative ideas. Having extensive knowledge of graphic design, styles, and techniques. Also have experience in implementing our daily needs.

Ultimately you will ensure that the design team promotes the vision of the company through high-quality graphic content.

Senior Graphic Designer Rolls & Responsibilities:
·        Designing graphic content, illustrations, and infographics.
·        Managing graphic designs from conception to delivery.
·        Reviewing junior designer drafts to ensure quality.
·        Generating fresh concepts.
·        Team Handling.
·        Time Management.
·        Handling multiple projects simultaneously.
·        Liaising between the management and design team to ensure deadlines are met.
·        Ability to suggest new approaches and solutions based on our goal.
·        Keeping up-to-date with industry developments. Must be self-motivated independet

doing routing designing work.
Senior Graphic Designer Requirements:
·        A graphic design qualification or similar.
·        Portfolio with design projects.
·        Proven work experience as a graphic designer.
·        Working experience in 2D Animation videos, design tools (e.g.,

Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, After effects, Premium pro.
·        A keen eye for visual details.
·        Aesthetic skills.

Candidates should be from gaming background.

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