10 Common Myths About Remote Work

What are some common misconceptions about remote work systems? What is the work-from-home facts and myths? With globalization and evolution in the technological industry, applications like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, and many more have taken the digital world towards an unexplored and evolved future. A big shoutout to advanced cloud computing technology that made working easier. It’s no longer essential for someone to be in the office full-time to be a productive team member. Employees can work from the office, from home, or anywhere around the world with just high-speed internet and a laptop. 

Below are some Common Myths About Remote Work:

Decrease in Productive

Defeatists often assume that remote workers might be watching TV or completing their household chores, or they might be sleeping instead of working on a vital task, but according to various studies, this insight is incorrect.

Having a manager supervise, hover over, and cross-check your work continuously won’t make you more productive. If the goals are communicated to the employees, they will have a clear image of what is expected from them and feel empowered to enact them to the finest of their abilities. Regardless, they are working from anywhere.

Increase in the tech support and tech inventories

As in our day-to-day life, we do not require high-end laptops or high-end PCs to carry out daily tasks. These gadgets are more than capable of utilizing and running certain apps or software needed to carry out those tasks, but they might not be able to run all the required software. All the remote employees will need high-speed internet and a decent specification laptop to run the software necessary to achieve those tasks. Apart from that, they will need furniture like a work table and a comfortable chair to sit for hours without having back pains. 

Struggle to stay connected

Being a remote employee does not mean you will meet coworkers on the coffee machine or the water cooler. But, this does not imply that you are unreachable or offline. Being a successful and determined remote employee means sharing your daily schedule with your reporting manager and team leaders; this is very helpful in two ways: first, people know when you are online and working, and second, they know when they can connect with you without disturbing you. Applications like Zooms, IMO, and Skype will help you stay connected with your team at all points of time, enabling clear communication and seamless work.

Some jobs are not suitable for working from home.

You can not perform every job from home, and some require you to be present on the side, but there is always a part of that job that can be done from home. You can achieve this by doing paperwork in one day to allow yourself to work from home for the rest of the week.

Everyone has their own opinion.

As everyone has their perspective about working from home, while there are several benefits of working from home, it does not suit everyone or some people like working from the office more than working from home. While several features make for excellent remote workers, not everyone enjoys working at home. 

Some People enjoy working with their coworkers and need their boss around them to get their work done as this reduces the time of back-and-forth conversations. Those jobs which involve immense pressure are more likely to get work from home to maintain a work-life balance. 

No Dress Code

Being a remote worker does mean you don’t have to wear business suites or formals daily, and most remote workers indeed avoid wearing formal and enjoy working in their casuals. 

But you will find several remote workers who change into regular clothes to start their workday, which intimates their brain to be more productive. This does not mean you have to be in a business suit to be more effective but wearing business casuals will also do the job.

Is it a real Job?

There are several job opportunities for remote working or working from home. One needs to know what kind of job they are doing, and they are jobs like full-time, part-time, freelance jobs, contract-based jobs, and many more. 

No Scope for being socialized

As you work in a closed environment, there is no scope to have human interactions while working. Some employees enjoy being alone, while others’ jobs require teamwork and constant back-and-forth with the team, due to which they need video calls and other virtual social activities to get their work done.

Accountability of Work

It is a myth that remote employees are not productive, and there is no accountability for their work. Just because you can’t see what they are doing and what projects they are working on does not make them less productive. A company should measure its outcomes and whether it can achieve its targets and focus on getting the work done rather than having the physical presence of the employees.

Not all Jobs are real.

People say that work-from-home is a myth and all the jobs related to working from home are wrong and a lie. Several thousands of legitimate work-from-home jobs are available for entry-level to executive positions.

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